Editor • 3D Animator • Compositor • Motion Graphics • Computer Programmer

Michael Cardeiro
Philadelphia, PA
Work Samples

Career History
Unilife - King of Prussia, PA    2014 - Present
Senior Digital Media Associate
Responsible for creation of all media for marketing and internal use, including video and audio recording/editing, creating photorealistic 3d animations and renderings.

I am also responsible for maintaining our website and creating new content. My involvement with the website began when the company we hired to create a page for a new product couldn't figure out how our site worked (it is built with drupal). I was asked to give it a go, even though I had never used drupal. I was able to figure out the site and create the necessary pages and I am now updating older content as needed. I also rebuilt our entire mobile website when I noticed it did not work on Firefox or Explorer.

NBC - New York City    2013 - 2014
Avid Editor
Senior editor for Early Today, a nationally broadcast news program on NBC. Responsible for editing content, preparing packages and sound bites, and animating elements. Work needs to be completed at an extremely fast pace and must be broadcast quality.

I commuted 6 hours a day between Pennsylvania and Manhattan for this amazing opportunity.

D4 Creative Group - Philadelphia    2008 - 2013
Animator / Compositor / Motion Graphics / Avid Editor
Responsible for all video projects in the agency from concept to finished piece. Avid, After Effects and 3d Studio Max used to edit, create motion graphics and animate photo real 3d objects.

During my time at D4 I created a Job tracking system running on their intranet using Perl, MySQL and Apache. The system allowed employees to create jobs and attach important dates to jobs that are all tracked with a live calendar. Users could also upload attachments and have them tagged as part of a job. It was to replace the way they previously tracked jobs which was through a spreadsheet and lots of copying and pasting between various other programs.

AeScripts.com    2009 - Present
I write scripts for After Effects to automate mundane tasks. Scripts I have written include a spellchecker for After Effects and a script that will version templates using data from a spreadsheet. My scripts have been used by HBO, NBC, ESPN and more.

Telenium Productions - Philadelphia    2004 - 2008
Avid Editor / Animator / Motion Graphics / Sound Designer
Responsible for video and audio editing and creating and animating motion graphics in After Effects. I also learned Pro Tools so I could fill in for the staff sound designer when he was out.

I created a database driven password protected upload download website (before dropbox was a thing) which allowed our sales staff to log in and upload files for client approval. This replaced the use of ftp delivery which our clients usually couldn’t figure out.

Fox 25 - Boston   2001-2004
Avid Editor / Motion Graphics
Avid editor in the creative services department. Responsible for editing promotional material, creating graphics in After Effects. I also trained the graphics department on After Effects as they were using an outdated animation system.

The History Channel    2001
Offline/Online Editor
Edited hour long documentary on the Trans-Siberian Railroad and animated all still photographs in the show using After Effects. I worked here as a freelancer, in addition to working full-time at 7 NBC.

7 NBC - Boston    2000-2001
Avid Editor / Motion Graphics
Avid Editor in creative services department. Responsible for editing nightly news promotions, as well as commercials promoting the station.

Sound Seller Productions    1997-2000
Avid Editor / Sound Designer
Responsible for working with clients in Avid and After Effects and running sessions in the recording studio. Projects ranged from national commercials to a series on ESPN.

I also built a web based bulletin board system for firefighters using perl and html (this was the beginning of my love/obsession with web programming, I taught myself HTML, perl, css and javascript).

Cambridge Television   1995-1997
Avid Technician
Responsible for delivering and setting up post production equipment including Avid.

Nancy Porter Productions   1995
Intern on Wright Brothers documentary for The American Experience on PBS. I set up editing equipment, assisted editor and created and maintained database for logging tapes. I also made coffee.
Related Skills
After Effects  •  Avid  •  Premiere  •  Final Cut  •  Cinema 4d  •  Vray  •  Scripting / Expressions for After Effects •  Photoshop  •  Premiere  •  SQL  •  HTML  •  Perl/CGI programming  •  PHP  •  Character Voices
Fox Television  •  NBC News  •  The History Channel  •  Comcast  •  Hallmark  •  Siemens Medical  •  The Philadelphia Eagles  •  Spalding  •  ESPN  •  AIG Insurance  •  Trump  •  GE  •  NASA

B.S. Communications/Media, Fitchburg State College